Pod Cabin Plans Ava

I’m a big fan for simple tiny cabins. In fact that is what started me on the discovery of tiny houses back in 2007.

I’ve recently discovered a company who designs just this type of structures and I featured their Magenta tiny house on wheels recently here.

One of the things I like about Pin-Up Houses is their low cost to build and fairly easy construction.

The Pod Cabin Ava’s DIY cost is around $11,500. This of course is for the structure and doesn’t account for land costs or power or water, etc. I like the simplicity of this design.

Pod Cabin Plans

  • complete set of pod cabin plans
  • construction progress + comments
  • complete material list + tool list
  • DIY building cost $11,500

Check out the plans here and see if this might be the tiny home you have been looking for.

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